What People Say About Camille

Enthusiasm every single minute! She provided opportunities for us to apply the materials she presented. Camille related to the audience extremely well. Excellent learning experience!!

Julia, Utah Food Bank


Camille is AWESOME! She’s enthusiastic and incorporated fun, interactive activities to get everyone involved. I really liked the examples and stories and how she mixed up things to keep our interest.

Nate, Western Governors University


Camille is an excellent presenter. She’s very energetic, clear, and easy to understand. She encouraged questions/comments from the audience and used several methods to learn the concepts she taught.

Michael, Utah State University


Captivating and Energetic Speaker!


"I have had the opportunity to see Camille speak on several occasions. She is truly one of the most energetic and captivating speakers I have had the pleasure to experience. She has a talent for engaging the room and eliciting an electric mix of emotion and excitement. After seeing Camille speak and perform I was both motivated and inspired. If you're looking for a versatile and enchanting speaker, Camille should be at the top of your list!"

Sheila, Western Governors University


Great Speaker!


"Camille spoke to 600 students at Olympus High School. She did a fabulous job of incorporating music and humor as she delivered a wonderful message to the students about self worth and kindness. The students were engaged and really enjoyed her presentation."

Natalie, Olympus High School

Exceptional educator, speaker, and musician!

It is rare to discover an individual who is truly multi-talented and skilled in many diverse areas. Dr. Camille Nelson is one of those individuals and her accomplishments are quite impressive! Simply put, Camille is an exceptional educator, speaker, and musician.


As an educator, Camille mentor’s students to help them achieve their own academic and career success. She accomplishes this in a supportive and caring manner by motivating her students to discover their true potential. As a speaker, Camille has a unique ability to “connect” with her audience via engaging storytelling and audience participation…even in large scale settings. Camille presents information in an educational, entertaining, and witty manner making her an impressive educational leader, speaker, and mentor. As a musician, Camille is highly talented and influenced by her diverse life experiences as she writes, sings, and plays from her heart with passion. She is gifted in conveying messages and mood with her beautiful and unique musical style.


Camille’s enthusiasm, authenticity, sense of humor, and upbeat nature is truly contagious. She touches the “hearts and minds” of everyone that interacts with her … whether it is a student, colleague, business leader, or fellow musician. It is with sincere conviction that I enthusiastically recommend Camille for the needs of any organization due to her mix of leadership skills, intelligence, commitment, personality, and creativity.

Rob, Western Governors University


The presenter’s enthusiasm was excellent and there were many real-world examples presented that made it easy for us to comprehend the topic.

Todd, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


She had great enthusiasm, vast prior knowledge and business experience and had great activities that were fun and educational!

Janet, Bennion Center


Camille had a lot of enthusiasm for the subject! She has a great sense of humor and had creative methods for illustrating ideas

Matt, Westminster College


Her enthusiasm for presenting is phenomenal. I’ve never seen anything like it. Great energy and story-telling ability. Learned a lot!

Stephanie, Whitworth University


Great choice for Keynote Address!


"Not only was this a wonderful presentation but Camille went out of her way to accommodate us as we had to make adjustments in our time frames. Her message is very moving and it really touched those who were in attendance. I would highly recommend her as a motivational and inspirational speaker."

Dallas, Utah State Hospital


Inspiring and Entertaining!


"At Olympus High School Camille was invited to be a guest speaker for a monthly lunch forum designed to motivate students to "Be Strong" mentally, physically, emotionally. Camille did a fabulous job motivating and engaging the student body to "make a change." Her message was delivered through both music, spoken word and photos. It was inspiring and entertaining."

Renee, Olympus High School

Camille made us free comfortable to ask questions and speak during the workshop. We owe that comfortable atmosphere to our presenter. It felt like we were being taught by a friend or peer rather than a teacher. Very open atmosphere. We respect her knowledge and experience.

Ashley, Gonzaga University


Steller seminar! Camille’s energetic presenting approach was very helpful. It was clear Camille knew what she was talking about and the topic was easy to understand because she understood it. She made the seminar fun and enjoyable to attend. The way she helped us understand the topic was through fun. She made it clear that it’s easier learning something new if you enjoy learning it and speaking about it.

Brian, Cengage Learning


She has a lot of enthusiasm for the topic. We did various activities throughout the workshop which helped me stay interested and I think that’s really important. She knows her stuff. And she’s not intimidating so it’s easy to ask her questions.

Linda, Meals on Wheels


Camille has such a great ability to connect with a crowd and create a relaxing and comfortable setting. I've seen first hand how people respond to her infectious personality and ability to sing and communicate with an audience. I also have experienced her unique presentation and found it so easy to relate to her through her songs and through her uplifting message.

Jason Wyatt, Producer, Songwriter


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