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Camille Nelson draws her inspiration for change and leadership from her travels, music and experiences. Born in Salt Lake City, Camille is a Jill of All Trades, a true renaissance woman. She is an athlete, scholar, songwriter, performer, educator, author and public speaker. Her creativity and enthusiasm for life carries over into her team building, leadership, change management and perseverance programs. She recognizes that change is inevitable and that metamorphosis is a miracle and encourages all participants to embrace both.


“Her enthusiasm for presenting is phenomenal. I’ve never seen anything like it. Great energy and story-telling ability.”

Stephanie, Whitworth University

Camille was raised in a family of musicians and is grateful to have had a childhood steeped in music and song. She has traveled the world and visited over 70 countries. Her travels and experiences with various cultures have inspired the rich sound and singular style behind her music. Camille released First Words her debut album in 2009. Her sophomore album with the Stone Angel Music label is slated for release in late 2017.


“Camille is highly talented and influenced by her diverse life experiences as she writes, sings, and plays from her heart with passion. She is gifted in conveying messages and mood with her beautiful and unique musical style.”

Rob, Western Governors University


In addition to music, Camille is an athlete who enjoys biking, skiing, bodybuilding and competitive running. She has participated in more than 15 marathons and triathlons spanning all seven continents and placed first or second in several bodybuilding competitions.


"Camille knows her stuff! And she’s not intimidating so it’s easy to ask her questions".

Linda, Meals on Wheels


As a leadership and change management thought leader, Camille has published several articles in business journals and is working on her first book, slated for publication in late 2017. She offers leadership and change management presentations for businesses, organizations and universities. Her engaging and informative presentations incorporate the latest research, best practices and practical advice for participants. Audiences love Camille’s speeches and workshops because she weaves in music throughout the program to illustrate concepts and make learning new information enjoyable and memorable. Camille has a wide range of speaking topics including: diversity training, cultural awareness, non-profit management and leadership, language and communication, student success, change and adaptability, physical and mental endurance and worldly enlightenment.


“She had great enthusiasm, vast prior knowledge and business experience and had great activities that were fun and educational!”

-Janet, Bennion Center


In addition to her public speaking and workshop engagements, Camille teaches graduate courses in management, communication and leadership. When not working, singing, or running, Camille loves laughing with her friends and family, learning new languages and embracing life and its changes. She believes that metamorphosis isn’t limited to butterflies, change can be a positive force and life should be full of joy and song.


- Dr. Camille has taught college courses for over ten years


- She has traveled to over 70 countries and is a polyglot, speaking several languages


- She has run a marathon on all seven continents, placing second woman in the Antarctica Marathon and first in her age group in the San Diego Marathon


-She has competed and taken first and second place in several bodybuilding competitions, triathlons, and marathons, including the Boston Marathon and China's Great Wall Marathon


- She sings and plays several musical instruments, including the guitar and violin


- Camille loves to laugh, ski, enjoy great company and crazy-good food, and beatbox

Camille Nelson

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