What’s the motivation behind your leadership? Are you connecting with others on a human level? How do you fit into the overall “rhythm” or culture of your organization? Camille Nelson tackles these issues and more as she provides the tools to lead effectively with passion, despite the constant change surrounding us. Learn how to keep leadership skills balanced while moving through change.

“Camille presents information in an educational, entertaining, and witty manner making her an impressive educational leader, speaker, and mentor.”

Rob, Western Governors University

Do you feel stagnant at work or in life? Have you been on auto-pilot, watching your days drift by? Does the thought of change scare you? If so, let Camille give you guidelines and advice from someone with a lot of personal, professional, and academic experience! “Evolving” into a professor, author, athlete and professional musician, she has learned to love the process and enjoy each stage of life. This mentality is apparent in her presentations.

"Camille’s energetic presenting approach was very helpful. It was clear Camille knew what she was talking about and the topic was easy to understand because she understood it."

Brian, Cengage Learning

To be involved is to be evolved—let Camille help get you back in the center of your life, not watching from the perimeter.

Evolving is not enough if you can’t learn to adapt well to change. Change is a constant, and with Camille you’ll learn how to become its master, not its minion. Discover how change management—if utilized correctly—can be an instructive methodology for keeping on track. As Camille teaches in her keynote, don’t begin with the END in mind, begin with the CHANGE in mind. Through the incorporation of music, inspirational stories, and influential messages, Camille Nelson will have you leaving feeling reenergized, inspired, and ready to lead and “evolve” into the next stage of your life. Change? Bring it on!

Presentations with Rhythm and Insight


Ideas are fine, but having the research to back up your thoughts is invaluable. In today’s business and academic worlds, we use solid evidence, not just estimates and gut feelings. With Camille, you can feel confident knowing you’re learning the current best practices and cutting-edge research about leadership and change management.



Research-based doesn’t mean theoretical. Attend one of Camille Nelson’s leadership presentations and you’ll leave not only with solid facts, but also with practical applications and processes you can immediately apply at work. Learn how to begin, lead and adapt to the change process for yourself and your team.


Camille Nelson’s participants don’t just sit back and take notes, they’re invited to be part of the fun. Also an accomplished musician, Camille uses music to illustrate leadership and change principles in an unforgettable way. No checking email, the clock or Facebook here; participants learn about and engage with leadership and change management concepts in an entertaining, appealing way.

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